Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy Workshops for Parents, Teachers, Employees, Caregivers, and Health Care Professionals
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Our therapists are often called upon to present workshops to small and large groups of employees, caregivers, teachers, and other health care professionals.

Our workshops are tailored to your audience’s needs. We’re available for one hour lunch and learn, to 3 hours or full-day 7.5 hours of LEARNING.

So what can we do for you? Following is a list of previous workshop topics, that provide an overview of what others have asked for. See something intriguing, give us a call and we’ll provide you with additional details, and answer all your questions. Have a topic that’s not listed? No problem. Call us at 506.847.0577 or toll-free 1.877.784.5353. Let us share our passion for improving the lives of others with you and your audience.

Previous Occupational Therapy Workshops About Children delivered by Team Total Ability
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Workshops About Children
Fine Motor Skills And Handwriting
  • Develop fine motor skills in children, good pencil grasp, hand dominance and how to help left-handers!
  • Handwriting, cursive, printing and cutting skills and their precursor skills
Sensory Questions? Sensory Answers! (Also For Youth, Adults And Seniors)
  • An introduction to sensory processing
  • Sensory processing challenges and solutions
  • Learn to calm, focus and alert people at home, school and day-care
Typical comments we hear from enthusiastic participants after a “Sensory” workshop

“The Occupational Therapist is an awesome adult educator. She used some great strategies to enhance learning such as spot quizzes, and asking “What’s one thing I’ll plan to do differently”?

“The hands on materials are great. I learned a lot about the different senses and how we can get kids moving and awake. I had a lot of fun at this workshop”.

“This was a great presentation with a lot of great information in the course. The instructor’s voice was calming and she presented very well. The activities in the presentation (e.g. the whiteboard) really gets you thinking quickly when observing clients. The activities also got us moving, not just talking”.

“I enjoyed learning about sensory input and the proprioceptive and vestibular senses. Lots of information, {The Occupational Therapist} was knowledgeable and presented the information in a way that was understandable to the average person”.

“The presentation related to all age groups. I learned that we have two more senses and I learned that even as an adult I still need to fidget with things to keep me comfortable”.

Workshops About Children
Self-Care And Self-Help Skills
  • Self-care skills and self-help skills development and mastery
  • Dressing, grooming, toileting, eating, hygiene, sleeping!
Typical comments we hear from enthusiastic participants after their “Self-Care and Self-Help Skills” workshops

“This was a great presentation. {The Occupational Therapist} is great at making things relevant and providing extra information/answers to related questions”. 

“It was awesome watching {the Occupational Therapist} in action”. 

“I had so much fun doing the self-care skills using the sunglasses covered in cream and bouncy ball etc.  Trying to complete tasks while sensory impaired was a great way for us to get an idea of how stressful a “simple” activity can be for our kids”.

“I really liked doing the hands on practice. It was eye opening to see what it feels like for kids with sensory, visual and proprioceptive challenges”.

“Very informative – the presentation kept moving and was interactive. Love the activities to demonstrate what was being taught. The sensory situation- putting on gloves, distorted glasses, and having your balance by sitting on a ball or standing on a half ball then doing an everyday activity was memorable”. 

“Enjoyed working (with impairments) to negotiate simple task (i.e. teeth brushing, socks on). Social stories were a fun idea to learn with”.

Workshops About Children
Vision: Looking Good
  • Visual-perception & visual-motor coordination
  • The importance of balance to vision!
  • Making the eye-hand connection work
Fine And Gross Motor Skills
  • Gross and fine motor development and milestones
  • Promote skills, ensure success, how to help clumsy children and youth
Classroom And Homework Success
  • Ergonomic desktop and laptop computer use for kids!
  • Best strategies to support sitting and seated attention
Previous Occupational Therapy Workshops About Adults at Work delivered by Team Total Ability
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Workshops About Adults At Work
Ergonomics At Work For You
  • Increase workplace productivity
  • Decrease sick time
  • Reduce disability claims
  • Bring down costs
  • Ensure workplace health, wellness and safety
Typical comments we hear from enthusiastic participants after a “Ergonomics At Work For You” workshop

“Great handouts, great exercises, thanks”.

“Very informative information.  The various exercises to perform while sitting are very useful (great techniques)”.

“Learned a great deal about what to do at my work station.  I found all the information very useful! I will be checking my workstation and making some adjustments”. 

“Exercises were helpful. I didn’t always equate my discomfort to how I positioned myself at my desk.  Thank-you”. 

“Adjusting and adapting to your computer workstation material well covered, beneficial.  Stretching at the work station well presented, handout with good illustrations.  Good for future use.  Enjoyed the stretches – need to keep on top of mine”. 

“Great information.  Very informative, enjoyed the hands on presentation regarding exercises/stretches at your desk”. 

“Good examples of exercises that could help relieve tension.  Great to have stretching exercises to help relax self at work session.  Liked the slide show presentation and handouts”. 

“Liked hands on training. Liked doing an ergonomic assessment on staff with {OT} Alexa present. {OT} Alexa was thorough and pleasant which made training enjoyable”.

Previous Occupational Therapy Workshops About Adults and Seniors delivered by Team Total Ability
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Workshops About Adults And Seniors At Home
  • How to prevent falls
  • How to change your home to use a walker or wheelchair safely
  • Ideas to help live safely and independently with dementia
  • Arthritis: energy conservation and joint protection strategies
  • Specific help for: Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Depression, Anxiety, Agitation, Dementia
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