Who do you follow on Pinterest for Occupational Therapy Ideas?

Who do you follow on Pinterest for Occupational Therapy Ideas?

May 25, 2015 - 10:00 am
Here is my Pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.com/TOTALABILITY/

Do you follow other occupational therapists for novel assessment and treatment ideas? Or do you get your best therapy ideas on Pinterest from outside the world of occupational therapy?

I see a lot of useful and easy #pediOT fine motor, gross motor and sensory processing treatment ideas on Pinterest. And it is one place where I quickly see and learn information from pins like infographics at a glance.

In terms of my boards, I have some dedicated to my #ThursdayThanks and #OTMuse posts as well as my eBooks and blog posts. And then some boards about my own occupational therapy services and products. But I also have boards dedicated to resources I have found, use and appreciate on autism, sensory integration-sensory processing, ergonomics and finally products I love which are completely unsponsored!

My favorite board is one that needs more detective work by me to garner more pins! It is one I started called #OTalent where I celebrate the “other” talents of occupational therapists. I love the creativity of OTs outside of occupational therapy.

What type of boards do you like best on Pinterest?

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