What Do You Expect of An Occupational Therapist?

What Do You Expect of An Occupational Therapist?

January 8, 2015 - 9:30 am

Michael George, a father of three, shared a few stories with me when I interviewed him about his book, Third Time Lucky.

One that has stayed with me is him telling me about a time his wife Jan brought their son to an occupational therapy appointment at a hospital many years ago.  The occupational therapist asked Jan, what she wanted the OT to work on with Ben that day.  Jan and Mike were disappointment and frustrated by this question from the occupational therapist. They felt the OT was unprepared for the visit.  They expected the OT to direct the treatment activities.

As an occupational therapist, my first thought was, but the OT was trying to be client centered.  Maybe the OT was trying to ascertain what was important to the child’s parents on that day and at that time.  And to make sure those parental issues were first addressed.

This story really makes me think of a lot about expectations and deliverables for occupational therapy.

Has something like this happened to you?  As an OT, do parents or clients expect you to be in charge each therapy session?  How do you navigate that expectation from parents or clients with being client centred or family centered?  As a parent, what do you expect of the OT for your child?

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