9 Reasons Why: Summer Occupational Therapy

9 Reasons Why

9 Reasons Why: Summer Occupational Therapy

Nine Reasons Why Parents Tell Us They Choose Summer Occupational Therapy For Their Child

  1. Start and ingrain good habits in the summer that will continue throughout the school year

  2. Prevent old, less optimal habits from reappearing

  3. Keep the brain and the body active

  4. Great value of having a routine

  5. Stress-free skill development without the added demands of school

  6. Have extra time to develop the hardest skills

  7. Ensure easier start/re-start to school in September

  8. Easier to work on self-care skills, household skills, chores in the summer as more time is spent at home

  9. Maintain existing skills

What is your reason for choosing summer occupational therapy?

And it is never to late to book.  We still have some appointments left in July and August! Call 506.847.0677 or toll-free in New Brunswick, 1.877.784.5353 to book summer therapy for your child in Saint John, Fredericton or Moncton.

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