Benefits of Summertime Occupational Therapy for Children

benefits of summer occupational therapy

Benefits of Summertime Occupational Therapy for Children

Did you know summertime is the perfect time for your child's occupational therapy?  With summertime occupational therapy, a breakthrough is just around the corner!

We've polled parents over the last 14 years of delivering occupational therapy to them, and these are all the reasons they tell us occupational therapy in the summertime is perfectly perfect for their child!

Prevent old, less optimal habits from re-appearing:

During school year I am sure you noticed a few habits your child has that picked up that need a do-over. The school year is so busy, families often can't find the time or opportunity to tackle bad habits that creep in.  Summer offers more time and a more relaxed schedule to get your child and family back on track.

Have extra time to develop the hardest skills:

That little bit more relaxed schedule is a bonus in many ways! It also allows parents, therapist and children more time to work on skills that benefit from extra practice together.  Shoe-lace tying is a great example of a skill to develop over the summer.

Keep the brain and the body active:

The long days of summer can lead to long days of screen time if you are not careful!  Regular occupational therapy is often just the energizer to keep healthy brain and body activity part daily life.

Ensure easier start or re-start to school: 

Parents who take advantage of summer occupational therapy before a start to Kindergarten tell us they appreciate the advantage it gives their child starting school.  And parents of children who receive occupational therapy during the school year like the check-ins over the summer to keep skills gained during the school year on track.

Start and ingrain good habits in the summer that will continue throughout the school year:

Summer lends itself to developing healthy habits and roles with plenty of time to establish them as part of the automatic daily routine.

Stress-free skill development without the added demands of school:

Less demands on you and your child mean that skills often emerge, develop and build during occupational therapy with greater capacity over the summer.

Easier to work on self-care skills, household skills, chores in the summer as more time is spent at home:

Skills that get lost in the rush of the school-year, especially self-care skills like dressing, grooming, hygiene along with household abilities like preparing a simple meal and learning how to do laundry are often best learned and adopted in the summer.

Maintain existing skills:

One of the greatest advantages of summer occupational therapy is that existing skills don't get lost!

Great value of having a routine:

While a few days or weeks off is needed by all, months without a schedule or any accountability can be detrimental, occupational therapy over the summer keeps a healthy and happy routine n place.

Take advantage of the summer and call 1.877.784.5353 or email TOTAL ABILITY today and schedule occupational therapy for your child.



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