Speech Therapy Checklist

Speech Therapy Checklist

March 4, 2018 - 5:50 pm
Ever wonder when speech therapy can help your child?  Well, we developed a checklist to help parents, caregivers, teachers and other heath care professionals to help!

Speech therapy can help your child with stuttering, lisping, autism, development disability, learning disability, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, genetic syndromes, concussion, brain injury, aphasia, apraxia of speech, voice injuries, vocal training and more.

Speech-language pathology (speech therapy) services can address a variety of concerns for families and their children from birth through school age and into adulthood.

Does your child have difficulty in the following areas?

  • Speech (being understood by unfamiliar listeners, producing sounds accurately, stuttering)

  • Language (using words/sentences to communicate, telling stories with a clear beginning/middle/end, verbalizing thoughts/ideas)

  • Swallowing (difficulty managing certain textures of foods with coughing/choking and/or vomiting present during meals)

  • Emergent Literacy (rhyming, verbal fluency and reading comprehension)

  • Social Communication (conversational turn-taking, greetings, eye contact)

How can Speech-Language Therapy help your child?  Speech therapy:

  • can help your child learn to communicate and be understood by those around them.

  • provides parents and caregivers with strategies and tips to help facilitate their child's communication at home and at school.

  • provides a communication boost for children with communication delays to support their success in the classroom.

Where do Speech-Language Therapy appointments take place?

  • At your home, school, preschool or daycare?.

  • At our clinic, 206-555 Somerset St. Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Call us at 506.847.0677 or toll-free in New Brunswick 1.877.784.5353 or contact us.

  • No doctor referral is required.

  • There is no waiting list for private speech-language therapy.

  • Many health insurance plans cover speech-language therapy.

  • Our SLP, Fallon Craig is experienced and wonderful with children!

Here is our checklist you can download.

Pedi SLP Referral Checklist



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