Privacy Policy

TOTAL ABILITY™ Privacy Policy
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TOTAL ABILITY™ and all of its staff recognize and respect their clients’ right to privacy. We recognize the client will have provided, and will from time to time, be providing us with personal information such as name, contact information, medical records, Social Insurance Number and Medicare number, information and documents related to Federal and Provincial programs and insurance information (hereinafter the “Required Personal Information”). In addition to this required information, we may also request that the client allow us to videotape or take photographs of certain treatments for educational and research purposes associated with the practices of TOTAL ABILITY™ (hereinafter the “Optional Personal Information”).


How Is Information Used?

The Required Personal Information, as defined above, is used as part of our treatment and therapy programs. It is necessary, for instance to obtain medical records in order to determine the most appropriate treatment and therapy for our clients. In order to allow us to access medical records, we may require a social insurance number and/or Medicare number or other such identifying information. In order to communicate with an insurance company, we require certain insurance information from our clients which may facilitate insurance coverage of treatment and therapy with us. Occasionally, some of our clients participate in Federal and Provincial programs which also require disclosure of information. This information is used to communicate with the respective levels of governments necessary to allow participation in these various programs.

The Optional Personal Information, in particular videotapes and photographs taken of treatment sessions, is used by TOTAL ABILITY™ occupational therapists in documenting intervention and client progress as well as the training and teaching of other occupational therapists, occupational therapy students, clients, caregivers and educators.


Limiting Our Use and Disclosure of the Information

Not all of our clients will be required to supply all of the Required Personal Information, and the staff of TOTAL ABILITY™ will limit collection of Personal Information to that which is strictly required for the purposes of your specific treatment or therapy program. If a client has any questions as to why certain information is being requested, the client is invited to ask any their occupational therapist at TOTAL ABILITY for an explanation. If a client prefers that we do not use or disclose Required Personal Information for any or all of the purposes explained above, s/he may notify us at any time, subject to any legal or contractual restrictions, or restrictions imposed by the therapy and treatment program in which s/he is involved. If a client does not notify us, we will consider that the client has consented to our use and disclosure of Required Personal Information for these purposes. Please note, notification that we may not use or disclose some or all of Required Personal Information may affect our ability to provide our clients with treatment and therapy.

The Optional Personal Information will be collected only for documentation, educational or research purposes and will only be used in class for the purpose of documentation, education and training and/or research and for no other purpose. Our ability to collect and use this information in this manner requires written consent.


How Long Will We Keep Personal Information?

As with all health providers, it is essential that an accurate and complete record of treatment or therapy received from TOTAL ABILITY™ be kept indefinitely. It may be critical to client health that the client, or other health providers, be able to access the Required Personal Information at any time during the client’s lifetime. As a result, information will be kept on file indefinitely, and may be disclosed to future treatment providers who provide TOTAL ABILITY™ with a signed authorization or consent form allowing such disclosure.

The Optional Personal Information will be kept on file for such period of time as it is useful for educational and training purposes. As a result, TOTAL ABILITY™ may keep your Optional Personal Information on file indefinitely.


How Do We Keep Information Safe?

All personal information is kept on site in the TOTAL ABILITY™ administrative office, or on the person of staff members. All staff members have signed Confidentiality Agreements with TOTAL ABILITY™pledging their commitment to keep personal information protected, and to not remove any of your personal information without the prior consent of TOTAL ABILITY™ .


How Do Clients Know What Information We Have On File?

At any time, a client may request, in writing, an opportunity to view the information held on file by TOTAL ABILITY™ Such access will include the ability to amend any information about the client and to seek information regarding the actual use or disclosure of any of the information. TOTAL ABILITY™ is committed to responding to the client’s request within a reasonable time. An appointment will be made for the client to review the information with a designated staff member. A client may also request a copy of their occupational therapy report, by doing so in writing and paying the prescribed administrative fee. TOTAL ABILITY™ is equally committed to responding to such client’s request within a reasonable time.