PGAP -the Progressive Goal Attainment Program

PGAP -the Progressive Goal Attainment Program

May 21, 2015 - 12:08 pm
    #Thursday Thanks to PGAP

[caption id="attachment_2405" align="alignleft" width="150"] Therapist counselling client using PGAP[/caption]
    The Progressive Goal Attainment Program is a very specific treatment program for people with chronic conditions from injury or illness, like pain, depression or cancer.

    Three of the occupational therapists on the TOTAL ABILITY team Lisa, Lise and Danielle are PGAP trained and they call it the best life role integration program around.

    It is one of the best tools in our occupational therapy toolbox for clients who have “fallen out of living”.  Do you know someone who has fallen out of living in their daily life at home and work?  Because of a longstanding illness, disease or as a result of injury?  PGAP is exactly the type of treatment that helps.

    Especially when people have a fear of symptom exacerbation, perceived disability, perceived injustice, or catastrophize their experiences, PGAP helps like nothing else does.

    As an occupational therapist, I like that it allows me as the therapist to really meets the client exactly where they are in their life and in dealing with their disability. And it helps them move onwards and upwards from there increasing activity levels and life roles in an entirely manageable way that is not overwhelming but if very rewarding and satisfying for the client.  It is a hand-up not a handout.

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