Overcoming Trauma With Yoga

Overcoming Trauma With Yoga

October 31, 2017 - 1:23 pm

Overcoming Trauma With Yoga

Our clients who have experienced trauma, be they a military veteran, first responder, victim of crime, violence or harassment or incident, have asked for recovery help.

We also know the mental health of parents is critical to the health of the family.

Inspired by the people and families we work with, and recognizing that psychological trauma has occurred for many of them, we are launching an inaugural program:  Overcoming Trauma with Yoga to help with their recovery.

Dawn Burhoe, occupational therapist on our team with over 15 years' experience.  She has additional training in OT (occupational therapy) and Trauma and is a certified yoga instructor (Amana Institute).

With her skill set and expertise, we are offering an inaugural Overcoming Trauma with Yoga, Starting November 10, 2017 at an off-site location, the Yamaji Dojo Martial Arts and Fitness Centre, 20 Millennium Drive, Quispamsis, New Brunswick.

Attend Overcoming Trauma with Yoga and you will:

-relieve stress

-calm the mind

-calm the body

-calm the nerves

-practice gentle yoga

-restore well-being

-decrease flight, fight or freeze response

-create a space for healing

-let go of bad habits

-let go of stress your body is holding

-create a healthy mind and body connection


Download our brochure: Overcoming trauma with yoga


Want to register for Overcoming Trauma With Yoga?

-Call 506.847.0677 or contact us.

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