#OccupationalTherapists, who is the #OT you admire most? Me: Diana Henry @henryOT #OTMuse

#OccupationalTherapists, who is the #OT you admire most? Me: Diana Henry @henryOT #OTMuse

February 9, 2015 - 3:55 pm
Diana was one of my first occupational therapy teachers about sensory processing challenges and sensory processing disorder.  I have attended her workshops more than once and hosted her here to teach in Saint John, New Brunswick.

There’s much to learn about sensory processing challenges and sensory processing disorders.

For parents and siblings who have a family member with SPD or teachers who have a student with SPD, my recent eBook Sensory and Behaviour Strategies provides numerous strategies, insight and solutions to better understand and deal with SPD. In writing this eBook, I’ve drawn on my 20 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist.

In every SPD case I’ve overseen, the most effective approach was (and still is) to be a problem-solving, sensory “detective”. First seek to understand the problem and the triggers and then apply the correct sensory-behaviour approach for success.

Here’s a photo of @Elaine Shannon of Simply Zen participating in that course Diana Henry taught in 2009!

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