#ChristelGivesBack With Free Occupational Therapy eBooks and Workshops

Christel Seeberger, Author of Occupational Ebooks including Fine Motor Skills

#ChristelGivesBack With Free Occupational Therapy eBooks and Workshops

Every single day, our team of occupational therapists works side by side with parents, concerned family and teachers like you, offering guidance and support for the challenges your child encounters at school, at home and in the community.

We get asked questions by parents and teachers looking for handwriting help for their child's fine motor skills or how to teach their child with autism, or what to do when sensory sensitivities are a problem or simply when does occupational therapy help.

The stories of your daily lives that you share with us are personal and powerful, full of kindness and resilience in the face of adversity.

It is because of the help parents and teachers and all of our clients so actively seek, I'm launching, #ChristelGivesBack.

Last year we had the opportunity to offer a few free occupational therapy sessions with our OT Danielle Nason  to the son of a former work colleague of mine to help with delays in his fine motor and gross motor skills along with learning disabilities. The difference those few OT sessions made in his life and the lives of his mother and grandparents was tremendous. It was a lovely reminder of the importance of being open to give.

And when we give, we receive, right?

After 22 years of being an occupational therapist and 13 years in private practice, I feel it is time for me to much more formally and decidedly give back in very concrete ways to my clients, my community, my profession and my colleagues near and far. The one thing I have learned so far is, if not me, then who?

First off is making every single one of the 14 eBooks that I have written for parents, teachers, caregivers and other therapists FREE.

EBook titles include: Improve Cursive Writing and Fine Motor Skills, Teach Cutting and Scissor SkillsHelp for Learning Disabilities,  Occupational Therapy Applied Behavioral Analysis Programs, and  plus 10 additional titles. That is over 900 pages of information, handouts and resources.  Go to this page to learn more about my FREE Occupational Therapy eBooks.

Watch for blog posts in upcoming weeks where I tell the story behind each of the eBooks and share more about them with you. Topics I will be covering include fine motor skills, motor development, being a sensory detective when behavior is a problem, as well  and many, many more topics.  And I will be including topics for adults at work and seniors at home too.

Free workshops are also in the works for our community in New Brunswick, Canada.  The occupational therapists and I at TOTAL ABILITY love to teach, mostly because we always learn too from our audiences. Workshops are one of those venues where you end up learning more than you teach by facilitating sharing with the participants!  I recently gave a free occupational therapy talk on Chemo Brain to a group of women recovering from breast cancer.  My 10 tips prompted the women to share their own personal lessons learned dealing with Chemo Brain, and those lessons learned were more powerful than anything I could have said!  I’ll communicate more about these free workshops in future as they take shape, so keep reading upcoming blog posts.

Watch out for all the ways in which #ChristelGivesBack on my blog.

Please share this blog with friends, family and colleagues who you think might benefit from any of my #ChristelGivesBack initiatives, events or eBooks.


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