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  • 49 Ways to say I love you to a child

    49 Ways to Say I Love You


    49 Ways to Say “I Love You” to a Child bottom border There is no greater gift you can give to a child than love, reinforced by those three

  • Teach cutting and scissor skills

    Cutting and Scissor Skills


    Teach Cutting and Scissor Skills It’s a Step-by-Step and Snip-by-Snip Process bottom border Are you teaching scissor skills to your preschool child? There’s more to teaching scissor skills than

  • Improve Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills

    Improve Cursive Writing and Fine Motor Skills


    Improve Cursive Writing and Fine Motor Skills bottom border Why Cursive Writing Development and Printing Development Matters Does your child experience cursive writing problems at home or school? Are

  • Enliven Your Child’s Days

    Enliven Your Child’s Days


    Enliven Your Child’s Days… bottom border When it comes to understanding child development, both new and experienced parents are often delighted (but also puzzled) by the day-to-day changes they

  • All About Motor Skills

    All About Motor Skills


    All About Motor Skills bottom border Fine and Gross Motor Skills Development Fine and gross motor skills often take centre stage in a child’s development. New parents quickly learn

  • Sensory and Behavior Strategies

    Sensory and Behavior Strategies


    Sensory and Behavior: Strategies bottom border Sensory processing and sensory integration describe how our brains organize internal and external sensations and make sense of the world around us. We

  • Help For Learning Disabilities

    Help For Learning Disabilities


    Help for Learning Disabilities bottom border Learning disabilities refer to a number of disorders which may affect a person’s ability to acquire, organize, retain, understand or use verbal or

  • Teach Self-Care Skills

    Teach Self-Care Skills


    The Best Ways to Teach Self-Care Skills bottom border It takes patience and detective work to identify the self-care skills that challenge your child with special needs or a

  • ABA Programs

    ABA Programs


    Occupational Therapy Applied Behavioural Analysis Programs bottom border Are you a parent, teacher, support worker, therapist or caregiver helping a child who has a Development Disability, Global Developmental Delay,

  • Final-Preschooler cover



    Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Development? bottom border I am often asked when should a toddler, pre-schooler or young child see an Occupational Therapist? In 20+ years of

  • School Age Children

    School Age Children


    Are you concerned about your child’s learning ability? bottom border I am often asked when school-aged children should see an Occupational Therapist. In 20+ years of experience as an

  • Struggling With Daily Routine

    Struggling With Everyday Tasks


    Overcome the challenges created by illness, injury, disease, disorder or disability with occupational therapy bottom border The challenges that present themselves due to illness, injury, disease, disorder or disability

  • Final-Senior Parent cover

    Senior Parent


    When Should Your Senior Parent See an Occupational Therapist? bottom border Seniors and elders who are challenged by an illness, injury, disease, or disability may find themselves struggling with

  • Final-Avoid Injuries at work cover

    Avoid Injuries at Work


    How to Avoid the Most Common Work Related Injuries bottom border Work related injuries happen far too frequently. The impact of an injury for an employee, their family, their