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Occupational Therapy Applied Behavioural Analysis Programs

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Are you a parent, teacher, support worker, therapist or caregiver helping a child who has a Development Disability, Global Developmental Delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Autism, Asperger’s or Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)?

By now you’ve experienced first hand the challenges your child faces in learning the skills to succeed at home, school and life.

Seeing your child struggle daily to learn new skills can be heart-wrenching and trying.

As an Occupational Therapist with more than two decades of experience, I regularly help parents, teachers, support workers, therapists and caregivers successfully teach skills to children.

The steps needed to teach children skills and independence requires persistence and the use of evidence-informed methods.


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a tested method for teaching children with autism and other development disabilities. ABA is a system to bring structure to the learning process and it is one I have used with success.

When using ABA to help my clients, I have discovered that incorporating occupational therapy approaches results in faster breakthroughs and better gains in skill and ability.

I’ve shared these programs with the Occupational Therapists on my team, as well as the parents, teachers, support workers, other therapists and caregivers I work with. They, too, have seen remarkable progress in their clients!

After years of testing, refining and improving these programs, my ABA Occupational Therapy programs are ready to share with you.

Imagine the joy of seeing your child experience breakthroughs in learning and using skills that result in higher levels of independence!

Now you also can have these same step-by-step programs at your fingertips. Instead of finding yourself frustrated, you’ll have this valuable resource from which to draw solutions and action steps for any number of skills you want your child to learn.

From washing hands, to dressing, toilet training, brushing teeth to hand dominance, scissors skills, balance, playground skills and street safety, the 75+ programs in the eBook Occupational Therapy Applied Behavioral Analysis Programs will be your new go-to reference and guide!

The unique programs in Occupational Therapy Applied Behavioral Analysis Programs will help you teach your child skills in these areas:

  • 1-Fine Motor Skills
  • 2-Gross Motor Skills
  • 3-Praxis, Motor Coordination and Motor Planning
  • 4-Self-Help and Self-Care Skills
  • 5-Sensory Processing Skills
  • 6-Visual Perceptual Skills


Each of the 75+ programs provides you with:
  • a framework of how to proceed;
  • objectives;
  • exact steps to teach a skill that simplify and reinforce the learning process;
  • materials required;
  • the proper setting or location to teach the skill;
  • prompts to help overcome obstacles;
  • mastery criteria; and
  • a means to record data and progress.

Teaching children with autism or development disabilities can be simpler, faster and easier than what you may be experiencing now. The programs in this manual are the same ones my team of Occupational Therapists and I use every day. The parents, teachers, support workers, therapists and caregivers we work with have realized their own breakthroughs- with less stress- and a new found appreciation for teaching.

At 444 pages, the Occupational Therapy Applied Behavioral Analysis Programs eBook is thorough and detailed. Each program is only a few pages in length and easy to find in the Table of Contents. So when you are ready to work on a specific program such as learning to brush teeth, you need only click on the page in the downloadable PDF. Easy!

Each ABA Program is Simple, Fast and Easy to Use

That’s the beauty of this eBook. You use only the programs you need. And each ABA program can be reviewed in a few minutes so you know what’s involved in teaching the skill before you get started.

The step-by-step instructions and prompts ensure you don’t find yourself wondering what to do next. As you make progress, you’ll quickly appreciate the simplicity of how the programs are structured.

You simply focus on teaching rather than laborious research or trying to “reinvent the wheel”. No more guilt from not knowing what to do or getting frustrated trying to teach your child the important skills they need to function independently!

The programs in Occupational Therapy Applied Behavioral Analysis are proven. They have been developed and refined over the past 20 years helping children with a range of learning challenges.

What value would you place on knowing the step-by-step procedures needed to help your child learn the skills for independence? As you work through the individual programs with your child, you will see your frustration give way to understanding. This manual provides you with a game plan to conquer many of the challenges that you and your child now experience daily.
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Christel Seeberger
BSc.O.T., OT(c), OTR, OTReg.(NB)


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