49 Ways to Say I Love You

49 Ways to say I love you to a child

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49 Ways to Say “I Love You” to a Child

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There is no greater gift you can give to a child than love, reinforced by those three special words, “I love you”. Using words of affection and caring build a child’s self- esteem, confidence and self-worth. We all want that for our children, don’t we?

Yet how many times do you find yourself using the same two or three phrases over and over again regardless of the situation: “You’re a good boy/ girl!” or simply “I love you”. It’s human nature to take for granted things we are exposed to on a regular basis and it’s no different for your child!

Here is an opportunity to break away from the same tired phrases and surprise your child with new and encouraging words of love and support. In 49 Ways to Say I Love You To A Child, you’ll be introduced to dozens of ways to use just the right words to celebrate achievements, highlight success, and provide praise. Your child will be delighted!

You’ll watch your child blossom in response to your words of encouragement and be amazed how they reflect back the love and caring that you share with them.

49 Ways to Say I Love You To A Child, is an easy to use, colorful eBook with photos that show you when to use each of these loving expressions. You’ll learn powerful and innovative ways to compliment a child when he or she:

  • completes homework
  • figures out a problem on their own
  • practices a musical instrument or other after school activity
  • asks for help
  • does a great job
  • plans ahead
  • listens
  • shares
  • is thoughtful
  • is creative
  • teaches YOUsomething!

Plus you’ll find dozens of other encouraging phrases and ideas to use with your child in almost any situation.

Giving your child praise and encouragement is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Why not get started with 49 Ways to Say I Love You To A Child, today?

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Christel Seeberger
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“As a mother with three young girls and a speech and language pathologist for preschoolers and school age children, 49 Ways to Say I Love You to a Child is a magnificent reminder of how simple words can enlighten and lift a child’s spirits”Alison Hume Paixao
Clinical Supervisor, Speech-Language Pathologist
Mother of 3 girls
“I have three children and life gets busy… too often we take our family for granted and we forget to tell the ones we love that they matter. This lovely little eBook is a great resource to remind us in some creative ways to say the magic words… I love you”Elaine Shannon
Professional Organizer
Mother of 3 children
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