Does continuing education make a difference in your practice?

Does continuing education make a difference in your practice?

June 1, 2015 - 10:00 am
So the count from my resume is: I have given formal, speaking engagement style, presentations 17 times and attended 73 continuing education courses, workshops or conferences over my two decades of occupational therapy practice. And that was the count from large-scale events only!

One of my presentations was even filmed for TV. I gave a workshop to KV3C, Kennebecasis Valley Community Caring for Children for the Bell Aliant Community One Simply Zen TV Show (Season 1 Episode 14) with my occupational therapy tips for parents. Watch it here:

A rough count from the presentations I have saved electronically, I have prepared at least twenty five workshops for the occupational therapists on my team to give. The actual count is higher than that, to my chagrin I have not saved everything! I am most excited about a presentation, OT Danielle Nason and I are giving this week, that I have prepared, called Understand Your Sensory Self to the New Brunswick Adoption Support Network. We are going to teach parents that you have more than 5 senses, and most importantly which sense is the “secret sauce” that helps both “wake up” and “calm down".


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