Developmental Coordination Disorder Resources

Developmental Coordination Disorder Resources

January 22, 2015 - 2:44 pm
The Can Child Centre for Childhood Disability Research is what I like to call the best One-stop shop for all the latest diagnostic, assessment and treatment research about  Developmental Coordination Disorder.  They also just started a new brain injury/concussion page.

My team of occupational therapists and I regularly use the McMaster Handwriting Assessment Protocol Second edition which is available for free download from this site.  There are a ton of other great resources for therapists, parents and educators on topics from brain injury to developmental coordination disorder to cerebral palsy.  Many more free downloads of reliable and valid measures are also available.  For example, I like the screening of the Child’s Challenging Behaviour Scale (CCBS). It makes it quick and easy for parents to fill out during a therapy session.  And the Assistance to Participate Scale is a useful tool not only to measure how much help a child needs to participate in leisure activities like watching TV and visiting friends but it also helps facilitate a discussion and then intervention to improve leisure pursuits for children with disabilities.

In occupational therapy, it is helpful to have tools to round out our intervention beyond self-care and productivity at school.  Leisure is important for everyone at every age.

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