Defining Occupational Therapy

Defining Occupational Therapy

November 20, 2014 - 11:43 am
#ThursdayThanks to Wikipedia!

Did you know Wikipedia has a definition for occupational therapy?

What do you think the opening statement should say? I call on occupational therapy students, clinicians, researchers, academics and leaders across the globe to contribute to keep on updating this definition of occupational therapy.

What do you agree with in the Wikipedia definition? What do you think needs to be changed on Wikipedia about occupational therapy? It is always being updated, so this may have changed, but I read a statement that said, “occupational therapy often involves physical therapy” in its definition. What do you think about that in the Wikipedia definition? Do you ever use the words or concepts of physiotherapy or physical therapy to explain occupational therapy? I know I have. Sometimes because it seems easier in a particular context to explain occupational therapy by contrasting it to another better known health care profession. How I define occupational therapy changes. It has changed over my two decades of practice. And it changes depending on whom I am speaking or writing to when I explain occupational therapy.

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