Children Exercise – How to Have Fun and Learn Skills with Animal Poses

Children Exercise – How to Have Fun and Learn Skills with Animal Poses

September 4, 2016 - 6:00 am
Children work muscles and have fun all while trying to imitate different animals!

Children love making up new ways to play.  Let them create new animal poses all for exercise.  The following children exercises are great for getting children to move, use their imagination and overall just have fun. Use the suggestions below as a starting point. Get your child to pitch in with additional suggestions and poses.

Provide guidance on how to do the poses if needed and remind your child to breathe in and out deeply and slowly as they do the exercises.   Breathing deeply always helps exercise and muscle work. These animal poses are also great as a wake-up activity in the morning to help your child get ready for the busy school day.  You can also use them as a calm down and focusing exercise just before doing homework.

Starfish: Lie as flat as you can like a starfish on the ocean floor. Stretch out your arms and legs. Make your head the fifth limb. Stretch your neck out too.

Flamingo: Balance on one foot like a flamingo. Did you know flamingos sleep standing up? Try to tuck your head underneath one arm. Pretend to sleep. How long can you stay standing? Now try the other foot. Can you balance on one longer than the other? Count the seconds.

Mouse: Curl up in a little ball like a tiny mouse. Squeak, squeak. How little can you make yourself? Are you smaller on your back? On your side? On all fours?

Cat: Put hands and knees on the floor. Stretch like a cat. Raise and lower back like you are a cat stretching after a nap.

Snake: Slither like a snake. Lie down on your belly. Lift your head up like you are a snake looking around. Stick your tongue out. Can you actually slither? Try it! Keep your hands to your sides and your feet together and see if you can move your body across the floor.

Dog: Put hands and feet on the floor about shoulder and hip width apart. Woof! Woof! Stretch back with hands and feet on the ground like a dog stretching after a nap. Like yoga’s downward dog.

Ants: Lie on back. Push bum in the air like your body is a bridge for the ants to crawl through and pass under your body. Keep your shoulders and hips on the ground. Great core muscle workout!

Ladybug: Lie on stomach. Reach back with your hands to grab both your feet. Stretch your hands and feet together to make the round shape of a ladybug’s back with your arms and legs..

Giraffe: Stand as tall as you can. Put your arms in the air above your head. Clasp your hands together. Reach hands up. Pretend your hands are the giraffe’s mouth. Can your giraffe eat the leaves at the top of the tree?

Eagle: Lie on stomach. Put your arms out to the side. Keep your legs together. Lift your arms and legs off the ground like the wings and tail of a bird flying. Another good core muscle workout. How long can you fly for?
Take turns coming up with new poses. Can you guess the animal someone else makes with their body?

Schedule time in your daily schedule for your child's fitness. Use the above exercises as a starting point to unleash a child's imagination and get them moving.

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