A New Chapter for TOTAL ABILITY™


A New Chapter for TOTAL ABILITY™

July 2, 2017 - 7:57 pm
Ask any occupational therapist about what they love about their work, and you’ll often hear, it’s the breakthroughs, both large and small that light up their client’s face, as they realize they can do something they once thought impossible.

It’s not just the breakthroughs though; it is knowing that the new skills we are always learning, our experience and problem solving “detective work” as I like to call it when explaining OT, make a huge difference in the lives of our clients.

It makes it all worth-while after a long day. We made a change in someone else’s life.

Fifteen years ago I started TOTAL ABILITY. First, it was just me! I drove around Saint John providing private occupational therapy services.

Entrepreneurship seems to have come with the territory, because TOTAL ABILITY has grown much more than I ever imagined was possible the day I first opened for business.

There were lessons learned along the way, but over time the business expanded. Today, TOTAL ABILITY now provides occupational therapy to children, adults and seniors at home, school and work in Saint John, Fredericton and Moncton, New Brunswick.

I couldn’t have done it without a wonderful, supportive team of dedicated, super-skilled occupational therapists. We are a team of 10, with occupational therapists and a lovely administrative assistant, with a caseload of children, adults and seniors that’s constantly changing and growing.

With growth come new opportunities. So here’s the exciting news!

TOTAL ABILITY has joined the Lifemark Health Corporation family.

Lifemark is one of Canada’s largest independent providers of health care services with more than 100 locations and 1500 professionals across the country.

So what does this mean for our clients?

Good news all around!

Lifemark will take care of lots of the behind the scenes work of the business – so we can focus 100% of delivering occupational therapy to you.

If I hadn’t announced the change, it’s unlikely you would have noticed the difference. Your OTs Alana, Aprelle, April, Danielle, Dawn, Julia, Stephanie, Tabitha, will be coming to your next appointment as scheduled, your calls and email inquiries will be handled by our administrative assistant Kelsey Fillmore, just as she’s done since she started working for TOTAL ABILITY.

Our commitment is to you.

We will continue to provide occupational therapy with the same level of care you deserve and have come to expect.

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